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“NetApp has a remarkable set of capabilities related to metadata analytics, compliance, and security, to name a few.  The company also is innovating at a very rapid pace.”

In its radar, GigaOm evaluated vendors and products in the unstructured data management space.

NetApp’s Cloud Data Sense, positioned as an outperformer and a leader, stood out for its comprehensive capabilities and commitment to continuous and rapid innovation.

NetApp Cloud Data Sense is the only vendor that scored a perfect score for covering both infrastructure and business segments while also providing full support for any deployment model (Saas or User managed)

"NetApp offers a formidable set of business capabilities with unmatched regulatory compliance management (including handling of DSARs, advanced PII identification, and data classification), a comprehensive data source support, a contextual AI engine that automatically categorizes data based on context understanding, and support of NetApp's rich on-premises and cloud ecosystem"

Read GigaOm 2022 Radar for Unstructured Data Management and discover how developing the right data management strategy can help you:

  • Mitigate risk and make the most of opportunities
  • Improve security and compliance
  • Improve services for end-users
  • Reduce cost and optimize resources
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